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Related post: Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 14:32:54 -0400 From: ron Subject: Return of the King Chapter 07Harry loved mornings, at least those for the past week. He loved waking up in the arms of the one he knew without a shadow of a doubt loved him more than anything. It had been an eventful week, changing him in ways he never thought possible. For the first time in his life he felt like he was the master of his own destiny, a destiny that included love and survival for the first time. He was just so excited, today Ar'Ron had promised to not only help Draco build a Battle Stave and finish his, but to teach them both to be animagus. Harry thought back to the ritual of binding that they both preformed last night, since the first time Harry had watched the ritual and ending up performing it the same night, the teen tgp pedo thought of being naked and touching Ar'Ron and being touched by him left him feeling so aroused, reaching over Harry started to stroke Ar'Ron's hardness, Harry was so aroused, Harry slowly turned around so that his face was down near his crotch; watching the skin slowly ride up and down his head as he stroked Ar'Ron's hard penis. Seeing precum start to flow Harry could not resist any more and opening his mouth he gently engulfed the head of Ar'Ron's penis. Savoring the taste of the fluid flowing gently out of the tip, Harry started free virgins pedo to move up and down the shaft, using his tongue to caress the underside of his head. His tongue being confined between Ar'Ron's foreskin and head as his hand slowly stroked his hard penis. So caught up in the sensations of giving Ar'Ron a good suck, Harry never noticed that Ar'Ron had awoken from the pleasure Harry was giving him. Deciding to return the favor since Harry's leaking penis was in front of his face Ar'Ron soon was sucking on Harry as well. Harry moaned around Ar'Ron's penis as he felt him take his stiff penis in his mouth. The new pleasure of being sucked off as he was sucking Ar'Ron off soon had him ready to climax. Sucking faster the closer he got to being ready to shoot caused Ar'Ron to start to shoot his load into Harry's mouth and a few seconds after his first shot he received the reward he had been working towards and felt Harry stiffen up and start to shoot in his mouth. After both had finished they just lay there slowly sucking on each other as they came down from the intense sexual high. When Harry felt that he could move again, he slowly turned around and snuggled up into Ar'Ron's embrace. Kissing slowly they could taste each other as their tongues slowly entangled themselves in each other's mouths. With a smile in his eyes Ar'Ron told Harry. "Now that is a way to wake up in the morning. I could get used to that." Looking aver towards the clock Harry saw it was half past seven, they told Draco to meet them in the dining room at eight. "Its half past, we need to get into the shower." Harry said throwing the covers back and getting out of bed. Taking a moment to gaze at the naked form of his lover, Harry leaned over and taking Ar'Ron's semi flaccid penis into his mouth he gave it one final good sucking on, before walking toward the bathroom."Molly dear, you are up early." Arthur Weasely said to his wife as he entered the kitchen at the burrow. "Morning Arthur, Bill flooed this morning asking if everyone was still home? The twins and Percy will be over for breakfast and Bill is bringing Charlie. Bill said he had important news for the whole family." Molly told her husband distractingly. Soon the table was covered in eggs, pancakes, bacon and sausage. "Morning mum" Ginny said walking into the kitchen. "All right food." Ron exclaimed as he walked in. "What's the occasion?" He said eyeing up the mounds of food. The fireplace roared to life and out walked Bill followed by Charlie. "Morning mum." both boys said out loud. Sounds of some Apparating could be heard from outside the back door. In walked Fred and George followed by Percy from the backyard. Egg pieces went flying everywhere as Ron spit out. "What is that git doing here?" "Ron shut your mouth. You will be first time pedo pics quiet, Percy is here like every one else for a family meeting" Snapped out Bill. "Who died and left you boss?" fuming Ron yelled out. Not liking to be told what he could or could not do by his brother."Boys you will stop this right now" screamed an irate Molly Weasely. Anger playing across his face Bill, "ENOUGH, everyone will sit down right now and be quiet. And you Ron, Grandfather Weasely died, that is who made me boss." Bill said holding up his right hand showing the Weasely family ring on his hand. The entire Weasely family sat there with their mouths hanging open in shock "After breakfast we all will go in to the family room and have a long past due family meeting." Bill said filling his plate. The floo flared to life and out walked Albus Dumbledore. "Ah, Arthur my boy, good to catch you at home we need to have a talk. I need you to tell me how to get to the new ministry offices." Shaking his head Arthur replied. "I am sorry Albus but we have been told that until next week we are not to give out the location of the offices to anyone." "Arthur as Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot I must insist you tell me." Dumbledore said with a mad twinkle in his eyes "Really Headmaster, Dad and I both know that the Wizengamot was disbanded the other day, as none of the current sitting members have been appointed by the Council of Twelve." Percy sneered. Deciding to change tactics to get the information he needed. "Arthur have you perchance seen Harry at the new Ministry offices?" Albus asked "Albus I am sorry, but yesterday I took an oath, by blood and magic, two of them to be exact. I cannot and will not answer any more of your questions. Do not ask them of me." Arthur pleaded. Tired link pedo of the headmaster's presence and his endless manipulations, Bill was not going to let his father break his oath and loose his magic. "Headmaster, I am telling you to leave. You are interrupting a family meeting, one to which you were neither invited nor welcome to hear." "Now see here Bill Weasely, top sex pedo sites you will not talk to pedo pics home the headmaster that way." Molly started to rant. "Mother be quiet." Bill snapped out Seeing Dumbledore reaching for his wand, Bill reached into his pocket for the runic battle block he was given and started to channel his magic into it. "Bill there are things you are unaware of and you do not understand your place." Albus started as he drew his wand "It is you who do not understand Dumbledore." Holding up his hand so that the headmaster could see the ring clearly Bill continued. "Oh yes, I understand far more than you think I do. Interesting thing when the family ring was presented to me. The goblins made a comment about making sure that no others were present during the presentation and the rings testing of my character. Seems they wanted to makes sure you did not show up to cast the confundus Charm at me from behind my back ensuring rejection by the ring." Standing up from the table Bill moved causing the headmaster to move away from the fireplace. "I know for instance that you used stolen gold to buy this house out from underneath my parents. Oh yes I know more about you than you think. Now leave, we will be packed up and gone from this place by lunchtime." "I am sorry Bill but I can not allow you to interfere." Aiming his wand at the Weasely head of house he started to cast. "Obliv..." Seeing Dumbledore start to attack Bill threw the block at the headmaster, and as the block hit the floor and broke. A small red dome appeared to encase the headmaster. Seeing the glowing block being thrown at the floor the headmaster stopped in mid incantation, thus saving his memory. Testing the walls of the dome with his hands he felt once again the strange magic like that in Diagon Ally. Bill looked at his free pics pedo porno stunned family, most had looks of anger on their faces directed towards the headmaster. His parents had looks of disbelief on their faces. "All you lot, I am calling for backup, the rest of you start packing up everything we own. I do not want one scrap of paper left here when you are down." Bill said as he took a dozen shrunken crates out of his pocket and set them down and casting "Engorgio." "These are Gringotts crates; they have one huge room inside them ten meters square. When it is full tap the closed lid and say Weasely very clearly. They are spelled to be transported to the family vault." Bill explained "Ron, Ginny you are both allowed to do magic now that the underage magic ban was lifted. So use it to pack with." Bill told the two of them as they each grabbed one of the crates and races to their rooms. Walking over to the fireplace Dumbledore tried one last attempt to gain control of the situation. "Bill please think on what you are about to do. Do you really think uprooting your family from their home is the right thing to do?" Bill ignored the man as he knelt down in front of the fire and took out a pinch of purple colored floo powder and threw it tgp pedo pics into the flames. Waiting for the flames to turn purple and blue he put his head in and fire called Trazthorn. Seeing Trazthorn in his office bill interrupted. "Sorry to interrupt sir but I have an emergency on this end." "Mr. Weasely." Trazthorn pedo girl little acknowledged him. Seeing he had the goblins undivided attention Bill continued. "Dumbledore showed up trying to get the location of Potter Castle. He was even willing to break my father's oath, causing him to lose his magic.When I asserted myself as head of the family he attacked me. Which is why he is currently under an Elven prison dome; my family is packing right now and we should be evacuating shortly." "I see" Trazthorn told his most promising team leader. "I assume that you are using curse breaker crates?" "What do you need me to do?" Trazthorn asked. "Yes sir if you would, could you divert the crates to the lobby of the Headquarters branch. I plan illegal pedo sex toplist to escort my family to our hereditary house in Toria." Bill explained "I will do so immediately, I will also send a message through Griphook letting the prince know what is going on." "Thank you sir" Bill said to his boss as he backed top lists pedo out of the fire causing the connection to close. Albus had walked over to the closest point to the fireplace hoping to listen in on the conversation. Seeing the floo powder was not the normal red for fire calls, he was surprised. He was also angered when a blue mist came out of the fire making it impossible for him to overhear the conversation. Backing out of the fireplace bill was pleased to see his mother putting the lid back on the crate and the kitchen emptied. She gave it a tap with her wand saying "WEASLEY" loudly. The rest of the family soon entered the kitchen. potno pedo Bill looked at them and said. "One last chance guys to make sure we have everything, anything left will be gone forever." Ron spoke up. "We double checked for each other and Charlie did some strange revealing spell in each room. Everything is gone." " Is it true?" Ron asked. "I am afraid do Ron." Arthur replied to his son. "When the ring rejected me, all money from the Weasely trust stopped and the family vault would no longer let me in." "In other words Ron, while not as rich as the Malfoy's, we never the less would have been well off." Bill told him; then pointing at the headmaster, "HE is the reason Mum and dad had so many financial strains while we grew up." Taking a small pouch of blue floo powder out of his robes Bill held it out. "This is point direct floo powder. You do not have to say a destination, just throw it in the fire and step in." One by one his family took a pinch of the powder and left via floo. When Bill was the only one left, closing the pouch Bill placed it in his forum pedo photos robes; he took his hand out with a small ampoule filled with black powder. Once he stepped away from the fire he turned towards Dumbledore. "Bastard, you will get what is coming to you. Come near anyone in my family again, no matter how extended and I will swear a blood vendetta against you." He touched the dome with his magic at the same time he threw the ampoule into the fire, disappearing in an explosion that destroyed the floo connection and at the same time released the headmaster from his prison, leaving a fuming Albus Dumbledore standing in pedo sex chat rooms an empty home.Draco and Remus stopped behind Ar'Ron and Harry in front of Ollivander's Wand Shop. Remus asked the question that was on Harry's mind. "How are we going to enter the shop with out breaking the enchantment hiding the city?" "We are not going to use the door to enter; I plan to create a link to an archway allowing us to enter; watch." Ar'Ron explained as he drew the outline of a door in the middle of the window, his magic leaving a glowing trail after his finger. He then drew in each corner the runic symbol for door. Then he drew on more symbol where the door handle would be. He then connected each symbol in the corners to the one at the handles location with an elongated rune. Finished he turned to Draco. "Even though your studies do not officially start until Monday, tell me what you see." He told the young man. Stepping forward Draco examined the lines and runes that had been drawn on the window. "Somehow you used your magic to draw lines in the outline of a doorframe, at least yet. This runic symbol right here is the same in all four corners, my ancient runes text lists its meaning as gateway, but seeing it used this way I think it really means door." Seeing Ar'Ron smiling and nod his head in agreement he went on more confidently. "The four in the middle that connect the corners to this one, are the symbol for power. They are stretched out from the way the symbol was recorded in texts and connect to this one here that I have never seen before." Draco finished. "Very good Draco; Remus you have studied ancient runes all over the world what do you think?" Ar'Ron asked. "I can't tell you much more than Draco already has. I agree with his incest tgp 100 pedo deciphering, and am intrigued that certain runes can have their shape altered as long as they are still readable, but am at a loss to the meaning of the center one that everything seems to connect to." Remus said looking over the drawing. "Remus what do you know of activation runes?" Ar'Ron asked. Turning away from the drawing Draco and Remus both faced towards Ar'Ron. "What in Merlin's name is an activation rune?" Remus demanded Pointing at the rune neither could identify, this is a rune of activation, when you connect it to the rune for power, which depending on how it is written, determines the power needed for this one." Ar'Ron pointed to the last rune. "Which is the action rune." "Ok step by step." Ar'Ron said pointing to each rune in turn. "This rune stands for open, so when I channel my magic into it, the next rune determines how much magic is needed for the runic spell to come into being.Which is determined by the shape of the rune for power, which powers up the symbol for doorway that if you change the shape of this part and this also determines where the door will open too." Ar'Ron told them as he traced the lines he was talking about. Draco and Remus looked at Ar'Ron in awe. Draco then said. "Do you know what this means?" With a slight laugh Harry answered "Of course, homework." Draco looked at videos pedofilia free Harry as if he was insane. "In this instance Harry is right, while you will not get much homework from me, though you will get some. All homework is to be handed in on Saturday morning where I will go over it personally with you. Remus, as you are taking the runes classes that you oh so graciously wanted to make sure was up to the standards as unofficial uncle; you will also have to participate in homework." Ar'Ron laughed at the expression on Remus's face. "Remus and Draco for next Saturday I want the two of you to research and find copies of activation runes. Then a small essay on how or why the knowledge was lost. The more complete yers fucking child pedo the essay the more I know you have learned the material." Ar'Ron told the two, then seeing the smirk on his lover's face he told Harry. "Oh, I didn't forget you. You already know most of this through the knowledge transfer we did, so you may point them in the right direction if asked. And if you think about it you have seen wizards use Elven runic blocks of at least class two, so for your homework I want an explanation on why wizards can use the class two blocks but cannot make them." Ar'Ron finished. "Now let's go inside." he said placing his finger on the activation rune and channeling magic into it, causing a door to appear. Ollivander put down the wand he was working on, there he felt it again, a stirring in the magic around his shop, it felt the same as the...Harry Potter. Getting up from his stool he quickly went to the front of his shop in time to see lines to appear on the window in the shape of a door. Quickly locking the door and drawing the shades he flipped the open sign to closed. With a flash of light the door flashed into reality. On the other side Ollivander could see out into the street of Commerce Ally, except for photos that his father had passed down, he had not laid eyes on the legendary ally. Seeing the group in front of him he recognized Harry among them. "Lord Potter a pleasure as always." "Hello Mr. Ollivander, how are you today?" Harry asked the eerie old pedo porn hot little man. "Very excited Lord Potter, I felt the call being keyed." He said tipping his head sideways "If I may be so bold to ask when the wards will be opened?" "My family has waited for this day for a very long time. I have heard many stories of the days when my families shop was on Commerce Street, I am very eager to move back, especially now that my grandson has decided to follow in my footsteps and take up wand making." Ollivander said in an excited ramble. "This coming Tuesday, events are progressing faster than expected, so our timetable has moved forward." Ar'Ron told the man. As Remus and Draco came fully into the tiny shop Ollivander caught sight of them, "Ah Mr.Lupin, black locust twelve and three quarts of an inch, extremely pedo free clips rigid with hair of the werewolf and beard from a red cap. Mr. Malf....Curious." Ollivander said as he tapped his finger on his chin. Feeling like the man in front of him could look into his very soul, he had not changed much since the last time he had entered this shop to buy his wand. And that made Draco very nervous. "Curious thing really, I remember every wand I have ever sold pedo photos of girls and the wizard that it matches." Ollivander then pointed at Draco. "Your wand for instance is Ebony, ten inches with dragon heartstring. I sold that wand to Draco Malfoy and your magical core no longer matches that of Draco Malfoy, while some parts still remain, there are enough differences...curious." Drawing himself up, Draco responded. "I can explain Mr. Ollivander, for I am no longer a Malfoy. That bloodline is now dead, I am a black now." He said with pride pedo cartoon in his voice. "Ah that explains much." Ollivander said looking Draco over. "Your wand no longer suits you Mr. Black." Looking at Remus he also pointed out. "Nor does yours Remus, have you both come looking for a new wand?" Ollivander asked. "Actually we came to pick up matching wood and cores to make Draco a battle stave. Though if Remus's wand no longer matches him, it will need to be fixed, we can't have him at a disadvantage right now." Ar'Ron told Ollivander. "Yes, yes, this way please, back to my workshop." Ollivander said turning around and leading them back into the back room. "Ollivander have you crafted many staves in your life?" Harry asked. Ar'Ron watched as his love got that look in his eyes that said he was going to do something unexpected. "I have kept in practice." Ollivander intently looked at Harry, wondering why he was being asked this. "No one wants to go to the expense of having one crafted, then with the ministry banning blood magic except in a couple of instances, I was not allowed to sell one, even if someone would pay the price for one." "Good, very good, as soon as you are ready I will be having the wizards that are part of the Torian guard sent to pedo child gallery free you so you can craft Battle staves for them." Ollivander stammered out. "But, Lord Potter the cost. Each one upskirt pedo will be two hundred galleons." Walking over to the counter Harry borrowed some parchment and picked up a quill. He quickly wrote out instructions and signed it. He then placed a blank sheet on top of his note and said "duplicatus" He removed the communication box from its pouch on his belt and set it on the counter, rolling up one of the parchments he opened the box and put the scroll inside closing the lid. He then handed the other to Mr. Ollivander replacing the box on his belt. "Mr. Ollivander, I think this will assure you of pedo japan girls payment. As each stave is finished have the guard sign a receipt and take it over to Wyrmbane at Gringotts for payment." Harry told the wand maker. Ollivander took the parchment child sex pedo xxx and briefly glanced at it. WyrmbaneI have authorized Mr. Ollivander to pedo kidsporn craft twenty-six Battle Staves for the Torian Guard.We have settled on a price of two hundred galleons a piece. He will bring a bill for each one as they are finished to you signed by the guard who it was crafted for. Please see that he is paid from the city vaults.Harry James Potter Lord PotterThe potter crest was affixed under the signature. "Thank you Lord Potter, my grandson will be pleased to be able to learn this part of our craft." Ollivander said eyes watering in joy. Ar'Ron spoke up. "I am going to take Draco through finding his wood and cores. Why don't you work on finding a matching wand for Remus?" Ar'Ron told Ollivander. "Draco, place your hand or even a finger on each piece of wood. If it accepts you, it will feel warm and inviting." Ar'Ron explained. Draco had gone through two dozen wood samples and was beginning to think that there pedo erotic story was not going to be one that would match him when he felt a flare of warmth from the last piece he tried. "This one, it feels warm and like a part of me." Draco said pulling a length out of the wall cubby. "Good now lets try wand cores. Same principle, but as you touch the containers I want you to channel your magic to your hand just like we practiced at breakfast, you will feel a pull towards the ones that match your core." Ar'Ron told the lad. Draco taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly reached inside and touched his magical core. Slowly he felt the magic travel from his core down to his hand. Opening his eyes to see his hand glowing, he moved his pedo uk hand slowly across the racks of containers of core material. To his delight he saw the Dragon Heartstring container was glowing and also the one with feathers from a Roc. Ar'Ron reached over and removed the two glowing canisters from the rack and set them down on the table with the length of wood. Conjuring a couple of jars he removed enough core material to create three wands before placing the containers back in their respective spots in the racks. Finished, the two joined the others in time to hear Ollivander ask Remus if he was indeed a werewolf as he remembered. "Not any more Ollivander, Thanks to Ar'Ron here I am what is called an Alphar, no longer just a simple werewolf." Remus replied. "Alphar? hmm seems I came across that name before." Ollivander said as he walked across the workroom stopping before one of the racks that held magical cores. Taking his wand out he tapped each corner and pressed his thumb on the glowing circle that appeared, causing the shelf to split in two and the front half to swing open to reveal shelves full of journals. Tracing his finger across the spines of the books Ollivander eventually pulled one out. Opening it up he scanned through the pages until he got to the listing for Alphar. "AlpharMagical being that is the true and final form of the werewolf; this form was created with the help of the Elves to counter a curse gone badly. A wand must be made of the following for it to bond with the Alphar; wood from the black Danhu tree and the tooth of a Nundu and hair from a werewolf.While those three ingredients normally can not be mixed in a wand core the addition of hair from the Alphar the wand is being crafted for and the blood of the same taken after fully transforming into the Alphar form. The first three ingredients will never nude pedo sex change; it is by adding the last two that this powerful wand will match the wizard it is crafted forClaudius Ollivander 390 A.D." Ollivander's voice faded as he closed the book and put it back on the shelf and hiding the books by closing the rack. "Remus I have the first three ingredients and, if you can provide the other two I can get started on crafting your wand." Remus visibly gulped. He had not even thought of transforming since he had the Runes inscribed, how did he know whether it worked or not? Seeing Remus working himself up to a nervous wreak, Ar'Ron stepped in "Remus, your letting years of fear of the werewolf rule you. The werewolf is dead, besides if you stop and think you will realize that you now have the ability to selectively transform any part of your body at will." Calming down Remus sighed with russian baby pedo thumbs relief. Then he attempted to shift his arm into his Alphar form. Beads of sweat started to roll off his forehead, when finally his arm shifted and claws and hair replaced fingers and skin. "That was a lot harder than I thought it would be." "You are going to have to start practicing then Remus, it should become second nature and effortless." Ar'Ron told him sternly. While they were talking Ollivander cut some pedo jpegs download of the fur off of Remus and placed it in a jar. "There all done you can transform back now. After the wand is crafted I will bring it over and we will get you to donate some blood the wand can soak in." "I think we are topsite amateur pedo sex done here; Draco has the wand cores and wood. We can craft his stave and finish both this afternoon." Ar'Ron said to the group. "Mr. Ollivander, how much do we owe you for the materials and Remus's wand?" Harry asked. Ollivander hesitated a moment. "Lord Potter if you would allow my grandson and I to watch the crafting of the staffs this afternoon; there will be no charge." "It normally takes me four days to craft a staff, but you are talking about doing it in an afternoon. I am sure I will be able to pick some tips and techniques to help me better craft them." Ollivander said eagerly "The Elves create staves differently than wizards, we call upon the very fabric of magic to do most of the work. But if you can learn something to help you become a better wand maker, than I have no problems with it." Ar'Ron thought out loud. "We will be out in the front gardens, if you want to join us around 1:00 p.m. we should be ready to start crafting the staves then." Ar'Ron said as they moved through the stacks to the front of the store. "The only problem I see is that if I leave the door active to the street you would have to stay closed." Ar'Ron said pointing to the door in the middle of the window. Walking over to a stack of boxes next to the door, Ollivander pulled out a sign he had made when he felt the call being keyed. Tapping his wand on it the sign changed slightly before he hung it up in the front window. Ollivander's Fine Wands Since 382 B.C. Relocating to our original Location Reopening July 16th 1996 Commerce Ally Toria "I can stay closed for three days, in fact it will give us time to remove the glamour charms and organize the finished wands." Ollivander smiled Draco noticed something wrong with Harry's belt. "Harry, your belt pouch is glowing." Looking down Harry noticed Draco was right; the pouch holding his communication box was glowing. Pulling the box out of the pouch he opened it to find a scroll inside. He took the thick scroll out and closed and replaced the box in his pouch. Lord Potter;I am well aware of your wishes but am hesitant to use them in written form as other eyes may gain access to written communications between us so we feel more comfortable addressing you this way. A few short moments ago Trazthorn head of the curse breaking division asked us to pass the other attached parchment along to you as soon as possible. Griphook Potter Family Manager Breaking the seal and unrolling the other parchment he once again began to read it out loud. Lord PotterI write to inform you that the Weasely family has been forced to evacuate their home and plan to move into their ancestral home located in the city of Toria.This move was preceded by an attack by Albus Dumbledore on the head of the Weasely Family not but a short hour ago. No one was injured as Bill Weasely used one pedo galeries of the Prison Runic Blocks in time.Dumbledore attempted to break Mr. Weasely's blood oath to learn your location and the location of the new ministry building.Bill asked me to pass this message along to you saying he would fill in the details at dinner when he came back to the castle tonight. Regards, Trazthorn Head Curse Breaker Harry looked up pedo kid doll into the shocked faces and the angry one of Ar'Ron. "We will see you later on this afternoon then Mr. Ollivander, we need to go now." "Until this afternoon Lord Potter." Ollivander spoke to the retreating backs of the foursome. As they made there way up the street towards Gringotts, Harry saw the front doors to the bank open and nine red haired people walk out with twelve crates floating behind them. "They looked a little stunned but nothing any worse than that" Said Remus using his enhanced sight of the wolf. When the two groups got within fifty feet of each other Ginny noticed Remus and Harry in front of them. "HARRY." Ginny screamed as she ran towards him. Seeing Harry, Ron joined in with Ginny in running towards his best mate, "Harry where have you been? Why haven't you answered any of my letters? Why haven't..." Recoiling slightly at the red heads fast and furious questions, "Whoa there Ron, slow down." Harry said. "Where have I been, I have been here in Toria where I am safe." Eyes turning dark and his face showing anger, "And as far as replying to your letter pedophilia fuck xxx it is kind of hard to do when the Dursley's Killed Hedwig on the first day back. After the third day when no one showed up to check on why no letter was sent, well lets say that the Dursley's decided me breathing was to freakish for them." Harry finished his breathing ragged in anger to the now pale red head. Feeling the calming hand of Ar'Ron on his shoulder he calmed down enough say with a deep sigh. pedo russian pics "Ron can we talk about this later, I really do not want to deal with this right now." Seeing Ron nod his head Harry relaxed somewhat. Ron a little troubled about hearing about what the Dursley's did to Harry and then adding it to the information he heard at the order meeting, scuffled his shoes on the street. "Sure thing mate, I expect I have some unpacking to do anyway." Ron said with a weak smile. Ginny seeing her chance at Harry since his defenses were weakened remembering the past, pushed past her brother. "HARRY JAMES POTTER, what do you think you are doing with this soul mate nonsense?" Molly Weasely snapping out of her stupor screamed out. "Ginerva Molly Weasely, just what the bloody hell do you think you are doing, attacking Harry that way?" Ron seeing Remus and no it couldn't be. "Malfoy? What is that bloody git doing here? He probably will go right back to daddy and tell him where to find you, bloody Death Eater "Ron started to rant anger twisting his features. Having heard enough Ar'Ron stepped forward. "ENOUGH both of you will shut up right now. Your behavior is intolerable. How dare you attack any one verbally or physically." Ar'Ron waved his hand at Ron and mumbled something under his breath and Ron suddenly was drenched in ice cold water. "There that should cool you off." Charlie looked over at Bill and said loud enough for everyone to hear. "Bill Ron's anger problem has gotten worse every year he has been at Hogwarts pedo xxx pics and Ginny, this is not Ginny. You don't think..." Bill walked over to where his brother and sister were standing he cast two very strong 'Pertrificu Totalus' at both of them, putting them both into the full body bind. "Bill Weasely what do you think you are doing..." Molly started to rant pedo foto in anger her hands balling into fists before reaching for her wand. Arthur seeing this quickly cast a full body bind at his wife of many years hoping that Charlie was right and his wife was not turning into a violent person on her own. Bill walked up to his mother in full curse breaker mode. He used his wand to shape incantations and feel the magic return as it relayed the information the spells sought out. Looking up at his father Bill told his family. "She has two control charms, a loyalty charm and an anger charm placed on her, Dumbledore's signature in the magic." Walking over to his youngest brother, Bill repeated the same scans he did on his mother. "Two anger charms, a distrust charm and several charms that trigger fits of rage." Turning to his sister he preformed the same scans. Getting a negative response but sensing something Bill changed the scan for charmed objects. Finding a necklace that seems to have been woven with many charms Bill reached over and grabbed it breaking the clasp as he pulled it off. Ginny screamed at Bill. "Give that back, Harry gave that to me it belonged to his mum." "I thought you would have learned your lesson with the diary." Bill sighed out. Harry spoke up for the first time. "I never gave Ginny any jewelry; I never had any belonging from my mother."Looking over at Ginny Harry asked. childlover pedo sex rape "Ginny when did you get this necklace?" "You gave it to me two days ago, don't you remember?" Ginny sobbed. Sighing Harry tried again. "Ginny did I personally hand this necklace to you." "Of course not, you sent it through Hermione with a message that you loved me..." Ginny stopped in mid stream, "Oh no, not again." Bill cast the counter for the body bind on her and she collapsed sobbing into the arms of Percy. Arthur walked forward and getting Bills attention. "Bill to be on the safe side you better scan me also." Nodding his head Bill performed the same scan on his father, "A Loyalty Charm, multiple Memory Charms, an old Confundus Charm and a mild Cheering Charm." Harry was trembling slightly, not noticeable unless hentia pedo you were touching. Ar'Ron leaned over to whisper in his ear. "Mel'Anin it is not your fault. No matter what, the blame lies directly in the lap of Dumbledore." Harry nodded his head and turned around in Ar'Ron's arms. "Can you do anything to help break the spells on them." "I can Lord Potter." said a voice from behind them. The group turned around towards the new voice to see Severus Snape walking up to them. "There is a potion that I can brew that will remove all the spells and charms and open them up to Legilimency, which should allow me to make sure no hidden tampering is still in effect." Severus stated as he came to s stop in front of the group. "It will take me four hours to brew the potion and a few moments in each of their minds to look for Albus's magical signature." Severus finished."Thank you Professor it would be appreciated. The sooner these spells are removed from my family the happier I will be." Arthur told the potions master. Bill stepped over to the potions master digging into his robe pocket he removed a small wizard's compass, which he handed over. "Thank you for the help Professor. This compass will lead you to the house, when the potion is done and you are ready to begin. " "Professor you can use the potion lab in the castle." Harry said as he watched the Weasely's turn off on a side street. Joining the group as they walked back up the street towards the castle Severus noticed his godson walking along side Remus. "Draco, is that you?" A surprised potions master asked. "Yes Godfather" Was Draco's reply a little on the cold side. Ar'Ron seeing the cold contempt plastered on Draco's face told him. "Draco, I know we have not had a chance to sit down and discuss everything that has happened lately, but Harry and I both scanned Severus's memories.He does not know what Lucius is and had no idea what he free pedo girls xxx was doing to you. Also as you can plainly see virgin pedo since he is wearing short sleeve shirts, he does not have the dark mark any longer, nor did he take it willingly in the first place." Ar'Ron explained. Draco softened his look when he heard that his godfather was not a servant of the dark lord, nor did he know what evil that man who was his father did to him. Draco slowed down allowing the potion master to catch up with him. As they walked through the inner wall they quietly caught each other up with the high points of the past week. About a kilometer away from the castle Ar'Ron and Harry stopped in a large open lawn. Waiting for the others to catch up to them Ar'Ron pulled Harry into an embrace and kissed him tenderly. Ar'Ron noticed the others had caught up and released Harry dad daughter pedo pics from his embrace. Turning towards Draco, "Well this is as far as we go. This filed is the perfect place for you two to practice being in animagus form." "I will escort Severus to the potions lab, do you need me to bring anything back with me?" asked Remus. "Could you stop by my study and bring my stave back with you?" Asked Harry. "Oh and Remus could you ask Chan-son to bring us a light but high protein lunch around noon. He and I can get acquainted then and go over the menus for tomorrow night?" Ar'Ron asked of Remus. Since he top100 sex pedo had been concentrating on his godson during the pedo hard preeteen walk, Severus was not paying close attention to his surroundings, in any other situation that would have proven deadly for the potions master. Looking around he saw what looked like another wall, though it did have too many windows in it. He did not see any castle though so he decided to ask where it was. "Just out of curiosity Harry you said there is a castle that you live in around here somewhere?" He did not think the question was that far off base as Draco starting snickering loudly at his question. He was about to say something when he noticed that Draco was pointing up. He looked following his godson's directions up and kept looking up and slowly it dawned on him that mountain in the distance was really the castle. "Bloody hell" Severus muttered as Remus dragged him off. "Ok you two lets make our selves comfortable." Ar'Ron told them as he sat down on the ground and crossed his legs in front of him. Harry and Draco sat down in front of Ar'Ron and made themselves comfortable. "First thing, what will work for Harry will not work for you Draco; Harry being Elven needs a part of the creature he will turn into. That part will bond into his very essence making it easier on him to transform as the animagus form is already part of him. Draco you one the other hand, will have to trust me enough to open up so that I can guide you through your essence to find the animal that is your form. After finding your form I will then project into your mind every detail of the animal I know, and then kick start your pedofilia baby sex pictures magic to realize that it can do the transformations; with me so far?" Ar'Ron asked. Getting nods of agreement back from the two of them he continued. "I will help Harry first as his will be the easiest. Now Harry you are an Archer Eagle. This is a magical bird that stands about five feet tall and is immune to all forms of magic cast against it. While Phoenix are creatures of light and considered the embodiment of all things light, Archer Eagles are considered the guardians of magic itself.The weapons of an Archer Eagle are talons and diamond sharp beak. But the really neat one is that the Archer files pedo nude Eagle can fire its feathers like an arrow, when the Archer Eagle rolls up its wings like scrolls, it will drop extremely fast towards its target and it will whip out its wings, which snaps out from one to several feathers that have a barbed point that is as deadly as any arrow.Depending on the color of your feathers determines if you have any interesting elemental gifts, unfortunately you have no active control over them. For example if the silver feathers, shimmer red then they will be as hot as lava and upon impact will burn anything they come into contact with.Now the first time you transform I want you to silently count to twenty and transform back to your normal form. It is one of the hardest things turning back the first time as the thrill of the animal will try to overpower your human or Elven half." Ar'Ron explained the instructions. Standing up Ar'Ron said as he moved a few meters away. "Harry, come on over here, well away from Draco. Seeing as you will need some room for the transformation." "Good luck Harry." Draco told him as he walked to the other side of the street to stand next to Ar'Ron. Walking over to where Ar'Ron was standing Harry stopped in front of him. He was excited and a little nervous. "Don't be nervous, just remember a twenty count after you transform before transforming back." Ar'Ron told him. Watching Remus walk back out of the castle and sit down next to where Draco was, Ar'Ron walked behind Harry and placed his hands on each of Harry's temples. "Relax and close your eyes. As I feed you information on the Archer Eagle at some point you will get the feeling that you have re-united with a long lost friend. It is at this point I will push at your magic starting the transformation." Ar'Ron explained softly as the information flowed from him into Harry. All of a sudden Ar'Ron felt Harry get to the point he was talking about and pushed his magic towards Harry whispering to his magical core that this form was part of him. To the amazement of Remus and Draco after about ten minutes of Ar'Ron and Harry standing there, which Draco used to inform Remus about Harry's form, with a loud pop where Harry once stood, now stood a tall regal looking bird, with blue shimmering running down the feathers and a twenty foot wingspan. Harry stood there inside his magical core listening to Ar'Ron's voice echo in the area outside his core. The more he listened to the voice the more a shape started to form just outside his core. Finally the shape took form and Harry thought it was beautiful. It was perfect and he seemed as if he knew this other form as well as he knew his own. When that thought took place he felt his core reach out and grab the form of the Archer Eagle and wrench it inside his core. When the magnificent bird was inside his core standing right in front of sexy pedofilia teens child him, he reached out and touch it, and that was all it took to cause him to transform. Ar'Ron watched in pride as his lover took to his new form. He counted down slowly from twenty to zero just in case Harry had trouble and needed help back to his base form. After twenty seconds Harry appeared in his normal form and he caught him as Harry started to collapse in exhaustion. Holding on and helping Harry back across the street to where the others were sitting, Ar'Ron gently lowered Harry back onto the ground to rest. "Wow, I need to catch my breath." Harry children pedo illegal panted Draco said in awe. "Harry you were magnificent, your feathers shimmered blue like ice does on pedosex pics a sunny day." "Each time you transform it will feel less draining, all you need now is to practice. As much as you want to fly high and free, please stay low and over this area of the lawn for today." Ar'Ron said to Harry. While Harry rested Ar'Ron went over and sat down behind Draco and pulled him in close to his lap. Resting his hands on either side of Draco's temples he told the young blond to relax. While Ar'Ron and Draco were busy, Remus and Harry chatted several meters away in between Harry's practicing his transformations. Seeing Ar'Ron get up and move around to sit in front of Draco Harry hurried over to hear what form Draco was going to take.Draco opened his eyes to see Harry plop down next to Ar'Ron. Ar'Ron had this sad smile on his pedofilia tpg face. "Please tell me I have a form." Draco pleaded. "You have a form, though I am not sure you are going to like pics russian pedo it." replied Ar'Ron Draco was nervous. "Please tell me it is a nice large form, something that can be nasty." Seeing Ar'Ron not lose his smile and just turn his head as if to appraise him he started to panic. "Oh no, tell me I am not some small little bug, or worse some foul little beast." Still no response Draco had this horrid thought. "NO PLEASE DON'T TELL ME I AM FOOD." Snickering turned to giggles turned to laughter as Harry could not take Draco panicking anymore. "Stop teasing the poor guy and tell him pedo litle teen already." Ar'Ron smirked at Draco. "No you are not food; you for the most part do the eating. Draco you are a Saber tooth tiger." Seeing the look of utter relief on Draco's face Ar'Ron asked "Ready to try for transformation?" Eager to get started Draco nodded his head. Laughing at the eagerness Draco showed. "Do not forget that a twenty count than transform back." Ar'Ron said. Ar'Ron Turned Draco around so the only thing he would see when he transformed was an empty lawn. No need to tempt fate. Repeating the same procedure as he did with Harry, Ar'Ron guided Draco through the same process until a huge four hundred pound cat stood where Draco once sat.Knowing that this might be the only transformation Draco could go through today Ar'Ron counted down from twenty and when he reached one he chopped the bush of hair off the end of Draco's tail. Draco could not hold the transformation any longer and feeling something attack his tail transformed back to human form. Draco fell over to the ground from where he was sitting exhausted. He felt like he had run all out all around the grounds ten circuits more than normal. Between pants Draco pedo love real cp said. "I think I will just sit here and rest." Laughing Ar'Ron gathered up the hairs and placed them in a jar he conjured up and set them over on the table next to Draco's stave workings. Seeing Harry land over by Remus Ar'Ron called out. "Harry before transforming I want you to nip out one of your tail feathers for your stave." Harry reached down with his beak and ruffled his tail feathers before choosing on of the longer ones and taking the base in his beak he gave a mighty yank. Transforming in mid screech, "Bloody pedo child dark top hell that hurt" Harry yelled out. "Yes well if you would have gently pulled it would not have hurt as bad." Ar'Ron said. "Anyway lunch is one its way." Ar'Ron said pointing to Chan-son and Itsy as they approached the group loaded down with food. _________________________________________________________________Drinking down the last of the juice, Harry noticed Mr. Ollivander and his grandson approach. "Guys company." Looking up to see who Harry was talking about Ar'Ron finished his conversation with Chan-san about tomorrow nights dinner with the goblin governors. "One final thing Chan-san before we are interrupted for afternoon lessons, get with Narcissa, she has an office on the fourth floor on the family side of the castle, she is working on the guest list for the debut ball of the Twelve. The ball will be a dinner affair and is August first, get back to me as soon as possible with tentative staffing requirements." Ar'Ron told the master chef. Looking over his shoulder Ar'Ron saw that the young man walking next to Ollivander was carrying a length of wood and several jars. Walking a few steps away Ar'Ron conjured up three tables set into a u shape with seats behind them. He then conjured a fourth a few steps to the right and summoned several boxes of high quality focusing crystal and gems. "If everyone will come on over and take a seat, only one per table if you are crafting a stave." Ar'Ron told the group. The last to sit was Harry, while setting his stave down next to the feather that left him sore, his stave glowed briefly for a second before the feather was pulled into the stave. Looking at Harry's expression Ar'Ron let pedo top sites links out a little chuckle. "Mr. Ollivander I see your grandson has decided to craft himself a stave." Ar'Ron said to the wand maker who was taking out parchment and quill and ink. "Oh yes, this is to good an opportunity to pass up. I would like to introduce you all to my grandson David." Ollivander then introduced every one in turn to David. Ar'Ron then started off the lesson. "Ok as everyone just witnessed Harry's stave just accepted another core element rather easily. So the first two steps Harry already knows. I assume David that you know how to focus on your Magical core?" Ar'Ron asked. "Yes Sir, that is one of the first things Grandfather taught to me after graduation. I have spent the last three years re-learning what should have been taught in school." David answered. "Alright, first step is for David and Draco to pick up your wood piece and step back from the table a few steps.While holding the wood in your dominant hand, I want you to reach for your magical core. When you have found it I want you to step inside your core and give one good up and down shake to the hand holding your stave piece. This will lengthen the wood to the right length to match you." Ar'Ron told them. Ar'Ron watched as Draco quickly dropped into his magical core by the way he softly glowed and gave one good shake to the three foot dragon oak length, and it quickly extended to become six feet and a little over two inches in diameter. Ar'Ron arched an eyebrow as Draco sat back down still firmly seated in his magical core, and have the two wand core ingredients glow and flow out of the containers into the stave. He then watched as Draco's soft glow disappeared and he slumped down next to Remus. Looking over at David Ar'Ron notice the lad had beads of sweat glistening on his forehead as he had yet to drop into his core. Stepping over to where he was standing, Ar'Ron started to coach the lad in a gently soothing voice. "Relax, you don't want to force your way to your core, it should be like a welcoming stroll. When you reach your core instead of fighting your way in, just lay your hand on it and welcome it as part of yourself, when you feel totally relaxed just step into your core. Don't fight to get in; it should be more of the welcoming embrace of an old friend as you melt into your core." Finally relaxing David was able to reach his core and step inside. With a tired shake of his length of ash wood, it quickly lengthened to five and a half feet and two inches pedofilia picture around. Ar'Ron seeing David go into his core by the tell tail glow quickly brought over the two jars of core material not knowing how long the young man could stay in his core before he tired and fell out. After the core material was joined to the stave David stumbled in exhaustion and Ar'Ron caught him and guided him back to his seat at the table. "David is that the first time you have actually entered you magical core?" Ar'Ron asked. "Yes it was so hard, until I sex pedofilia video focused on what you where telling me I just could not access my core. Is it always that exhausting?" David replied. "No, I think your problem was that once you found your core, not knowing how to access it you tried to overpower or take control by force. Which as you learned you can not do." Ar'Ron answered. "I felt a little dizzy after my stave absorbed the cores, but it quickly passed. One thing I noticed though while standing in my magical core I noticed it felt stronger and looked a little bigger and brighter too." Draco commented "Exactly." Ar'Ron said enthusiastically "The biggest factor in why wizards today are no where near as powerful as they used to be, including being able to do magic without a wand, is for the very reason that they are not taught to merge with their magical core.The longer you spend pedo movie forbidden in your core the easier it is to stay there, and the more magic you do while in your core the stronger you become. After a certain point the magical core will grow until it is impossible to do anything else but be merged.In the past wands were invented as a means to give fuking children pedo very young children a step up, to help them increase their magical core and by the time they had finished puberty or received their magical inheritance their original wands no longer suited them and they needed either a staff or a multi core wand. Like the one Remus is having made for him. Most chose multi core wands.In the past by the time a wizard or witch had finished their training they stayed in their magical cores at all times. If they were exceptionally strong they learned to hide their glow." Ollivander was scribbling furiously, not only was he learning important history, the changes brought about would mean a huge increase in business. "The past three days I have done nothing but practice being in my core, every free moment I had to myself, more to make sure that I am still connected to it, but I find for lack of a better word peaceful when I am in my core." Draco commented. "Which is a good thing; tell me Draco how long have you been able to stay inside your core?" Ar'Ron asked. "A little over an hour, which was last night" Draco replied. "I will take that into account when I create your study schedule then, so as to not have you do any classes heavy in casting back to back, giving you time to catch your breath so to speak." Ar'Ron told the young man. Ollivander having caught up on writing his notes noticed something he needed clarified. "I notice that you have used the word staff and stave are you using them interchangeably?" "Good question." Ar'Ron told the wand maker turned student. "The simple answer is no. What every one has done so far is build a staff. Even after the runes are inscribed, no more than a glorified overlong wand, when we add in the blood and magic to seal the core, it is still a staff. A blood staff mind you, one which no one else is able to use due to the bonding of the staff by blood and magic to the specific user.No what turns a staff into a stave is the bonding of focus gems and or crystals to the staff and the fact that the runes are inscribed as Mythril. This is what turns the stave into an boys pedo pics external extension of ones magical core." Ar'Ron explained. Summoning his battle stave Ar'Ron held it out so that Ollivander could examine it. "So many runes" Ollivander whispered. "Grandfather half of those runes I have never seen before." David told the man. "Curious, it seems so much knowledge was indeed lost. And look at the sheen it looks like the wood itself is some sort of gem." Ollivander was thinking out loud. Remembering he was there to learn not gaze. "Sorry for that, I can think things over on my own time." Nodding his head at Ollivander, Ar'Ron continued. "This next part is where Wizards and Elves part ways in the construction process. Wizards use a wand to direct their magic to carve the pedo with little girl runes on the staff. Elves call upon magic itself, as such magic chooses the runic combinations best suited and inscribes them in Mythril onto the stave. " "Now Mr. Ollivander most likely recognizes this Runic stone, this one is slightly different from the one he is used to using, since this one not only detects the best matching rune combinations for a person, it can also store the impression to be used later to inscribe the runes." Ar'Ron told them. Handing over the stone and a small bar of Mythril to Harry "Mel'Anin you are first. When you first pick up the stone, it will glow in pulses as it matches the runic combinations in its matrix with your magical core. After the stone stops pulsing at this point it could be stored for later use to inscribe the runes." Ar'Ron said handing Draco and David each one of the stones and a small bar of Mythril. Turning back to Harry, "When you hold the stone you need to be standing in your magical core for it to work properly. So go ahead and pick it up when you are ready." Ar'Ron told his love. Ar'Ron waited until Harry had started to glow, indicating he was inside his magical core. After Harry picked up the stone, which started to pulse, he moved over to Draco. Draco also quickly picked up on the technique. Now standing in front of David and Ollivander, Ar'Ron interrupted the two as they were comparing the stone he had given David to use and one Ollivander had brought with him. "David your turn; place the stone back down and this time when you reach your core remember don't fight your way in just embrace your core and step on in gently." For the next half hour Ar'Ron answered Ollivander's questions as Harry, Draco and David concentrated on their runic stones. David was the first to have his stone stop pulsing. He swayed a little as he opened his eyes and set the stone down. "Man that was intensely wicked." David flopped back in his chair. Ollivander picked up the rune stone and placed it on some enchanted parchment he had brought from his workshop. Once upon the parchment several pages of runic symbols in clusters appeared on the parchment. Picking up the runic stone Ollivander brought with him Ar'Ron examined it carefully. "This is very close to the stone I gave your grandson to use. The only thing missing in its construction is the activations runes. Someone went to a lot of trouble to erase this knowledge." Ar'Ron told Ollivander. Setting the stone down he watched as the old wand maker scanned through the parchment that had the runes fro his grandson on it. "Even if I understand all these runes and clusters, it would take me a week to carve them in properly the old way." Ollivander stated as he set the parchment down. " And that assumes that I place the clusters that I do not recognize in the proper places. " "I don't think I have enough magic left to lift a feather, let alone do any rune work. I am going to start spending every free moment in my core to get used to this new way of doing things." David sighed. "Whoa wicked." Draco said as he came back to pedo sex 16 yo reality. "All those runes flashing by my core, it was really wicked to watch certain ones swirl around and come close enough to touch, though some when the got close acted as if they hit some wall and bounced back." "That is not anything like what I went through. I never once saw any runes, just felt like something was tapping me every so often, which left me a little more tired each time it happened." David commented. "Not me, I `m more thirsty than tired." Draco told them. "Itsy set up a small table of snacks and drinks over there while you all were occupied." Ar'Ron pointed over behind David towards the small table covered in high protein, high energy snacks. Harry stirred then came back to reality. "That was incredible." "How do you feel Mel'Anin?" Ar'Ron asked. "Energized" Harry replied, "Really, really energized." "Let's get back to work then." Ar'Ron said watching Draco and David return to their seats. "If you pick up the runic stone you will notice a small grove on the bottom, you will also notice that there is a rune inscribed in the center of the grove. The small rod of Mythril will fit in this groove nicely, just make sure that the Mythril covers the rune I pointed out in the groove." Ar'Ron started his explanation. Making sure everyone had seated their Mythril properly he continued. "The next part is very simple. You need to levitate your stave making it very slowly rotate. When that is accomplished pick up the rune stone and touch the rod to the bottom of the rotating stave. Next channel your magic into the red glowing activation rune; the magic will do the rest." Ar'Ron told them the steps to follow. Ar'Ron watched as Harry and Draco followed by Ollivander followed the steps he outlined and soon three staves were spinning in the air with silver mist creeping up the staves from their bases. Ar'Ron walked around examining each of the staves as they finished. Harry's stave was a work of art, with flowing vines onto trees and inlays in the shapes of dragons and phoenix's leading up to the top with european pedo porn a large Archer Eagle. Draco's Stave while not as ornate, the top had expanded to look like a curved in talon. While David' remained a plain ash staff shape with runes inlaid in it. "Well it seems that David still has some magical maturing to do." Looking at the lad in question Ar'Ron continued. "At the end you will end up with a blood staff. Don't be discouraged, the more you practice doing magic from within your core the stronger you will be, and it is a simple procedure to upgrade your staff." Tracing a rune in the air, where it glowed briefly so all could see it clearly. "This is the blood rune. After cutting your palm place the bleeding cut over this rune and the staff will soak up the appropriate amount and merge it into the core." Tracing another rune, Ar'Ron said. "And incest pedofilia this one is for bonding your magic into the staff. After the staff has finished bonding to your blood, you will feel a tingle as the cut is healed. When that happens channel your magic into this rune to charge up the staff and bond your core to it." Ar'Ron told them. Then stopping in front of Draco he continued. "Draco once you start this next step you can not stop, not until you finish by bonding the gems and crystals to the stave." Seeing he had Draco's undivided attention Ar'Ron continued. "I would not be surprised if you passed out from exhaustion. In fact I expect it to happen, so I want you to be prepared if you wake up later in your bed." "I have a question." David interrupted. "How do you think I will be affected if I bond to my staff tomorrow?" Turning so he could face David, Ar'Ron replied. "It will leave you tired. Nothing a good nights rest won't cure so if you bond your staff before going to bed you will be fine by morning." Ollivander had a thought. "If this is going to leave young Mr. Black so drained, how is it going to affect the guards when it is their turn to bond their staves?" "Hmm, all the guards have reached their magical maturity, so I would expect them to be drained; a few might pass out briefly. I would expect that a quick potion or two and they should be fine." Ar'Ron replied as he was setting boxes xxx pedofilia of gems and crystals in front of Draco and Harry.Facing Draco and Harry "When you are ready go ahead and bond with your staves." They all watched as first Harry and then Draco cut the palm of the wand hand and placed the bleeding hand on the stave. A pulsing glo